Initially the TRIBALL® was designed as a product to cross-train international athletes in an effort to better study various differences in skill. Once the ball was developed and tested, participants encouraged the creation of a sport system to be designed around the ball. The game/sport of Triball® was influenced by several elements from international sports, paying respect to and encouraging their athletes and fans to unite through the next generation of sport innovation.

Why TRIBALL® Works

The below matrix analyzes the top 8 global sports under three main necessary elements that can have positive effects on a global success: Culture, Rules and Tactics. These factors were determined after conducting intensive research and interviews with both potential audiences and participants. Research and interviews concluded that audiences and participants appreciate sports based on special characteristics of three main elements Triball® was designed based on these conclusions:

Rules (Simple) easy to learn, simple game play and clear objectives

Culture (expressive) allows for the ability to customize, re-invent, and inspire

Tactics (Aggressive) is combative competition and tense branded rivalry