Mission & Opportunity

TRIBALL® is the universal equalizer of athletics, gender, and sports culture.
Designed to equalize sports culture, Triball® is the game that’s leveling the playing field. 

Experts conducted interviews with players and audience members of the top eight global sports and identified three common elements associated with global success: Culture, Rules and Tactics. Triball® was designed based on these conclusions:

Rules (Simple) Triball® is easy to learn, featuring simple game play and clear objectives

Culture (Individualistic) Triball® allows for the ability to customize, re-invent, and inspire

Tactics (Aggressive) Triball® is combative competition and tense branded rivalry

Over a decade of research and testing provides evidence of the sport's ability to connect people by bridging various differences through a harmonious and unbiased experience. Triball® can also be viewed as the world’s universal training sport, its unique blend of familiarity and originality unifying athletes of all cultures, genders, ages and sports backgrounds.Triball® is and will remain the world's first and most prominent organization of mixed gender team sport competition.

Opportunity through results and demand

Triball® is strategically situated for expansion with a top to down approach resulting in global efforts effectively inspiring simultaneous local developments. The mid to long term goals include establishing the game as a recognized global sport making a positive impact on international economies and sport communities. Professional teams will be cultivated and established as franchise properties. The sport will create jobs and the business model will hopefully inspire the creation of similarly pro-social organizations.

Achieving The Mission

This company promotes sport to change the world. As the Founding and Governing Body of the emerging sport, Triball® is committed to the continuous creation of solutions to issues within the industry, with the goal of the industry changing the world. While Triball® strives to generate the largest revenues possible, and will always protect the interests of the company, it also chooses to appreciate and learn how to better protect universal truths, such as; 

-equality is built on an infrastructure that grants balanced access to opportunity 

-the right thing to do may not be the most popular

-governing policies require accountability—the room to recognize accomplishments as well as flaws

-wisdom comes through experience

These missions require time, calculated expansion, and abundant financial resources. Triball® ownership retains the right to create operate, oversee, manage, rule, decide, restructure, limit, withhold, protect, and profit from all Triball® activities, operations, business, competitions, culture, infrastructure and marketing. While diligently upholding company values and striving to impact the world as a service provider, Triball® is a direct property of Triball® ownership. If the Triball® feels that the game and/or mission is being compromised, it can and will, at any time suspend operations.